Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back at last

So what has been going on?

Since our last entry:

1.       We have had four change requests

2.       We had a knockdown, drag out spat with Rite Rug

3.       We had a scare that our house may not fit on the lot… Math says yes, my eyes are still saying no… :)

4.       Received a call from our loan processor, we are getting closer to going to underwriting. A few things to resolve beforehand

5.       We’ve visited the model two more times (which resulted in a few more change orders)

6.       Still disappointed we cannot have the tile as the shower floor instead of the default

7.       Gave up the jets in the owner’s bathroom… Probably the right decision

8.       Stared at the floor plan again… though I said I was not looking at it any longer

9.       Reread all the paperwork for what we have asked for in the house

10.   Created a document for room by room requests in addition to where we would like to have our outlets and other prewiring (I would recommend this to ensure when you are walking through with the PM you have a good sense of what is supposed to be where and if it’s not right, fix it immediately)

11.   Found a nifty piece of information from reading through other blogs about Roxul’s Safe ‘N’ Sound… May seriously have to invest in this.

12.   Found out that I can obsess over this. Every day I walk into the house, I look for my Ryan three ring binder… I think I need help…

The wait on NVR , which is to be expected, is still a wait. But once they give the okay to break ground, expect to see more and more pics!

And now for the Rite Rug choices (finally correct):

First floor guest bedroom shower tile & carpet 

Standard laundry room vinyl

Master bath tile

Whole house carpet

Kids' bath tile

Kitchen tile against granite & counter choices

Hardwood (foyer, kitchen, morning room & hallway)