Tools & Tips

As we continue on our journey to building our first home, we'll post all the tools and tips we learn along the way.

Check back often for more info!

Prior to the purchase agreement/loan app:

-Create a spreadsheet of all the items you know you will need. This it typically provided by your NVR rep.
- Start obtaining electronic copies of all the required paperwork and be sure to date each electronic piece in both the file name and the spreadsheet. The reason for this, as time goes along you will need to provide updates to some of the documents you provide in the beginning. If dated in both places properly, you can easily identify what you have and what you need to replace. 
- If you are married or going in with a co-applicant, create an online repository that you both have access to and can upload documents as necessary. 
-When all items on the spreadsheet are accounted for, zip up the docs and send to your rep. 

Doing this as soon as you have the required list will save you much stress as you go through the process in the beginning. Because once you complete the purchase agreement and it's signed, you have seven days to obtain financing. And there is a lot of paperwork... Just be prepared. :-)
After the purchase agreement (14 day change window):
-Visit the model or another completed home once or twice more to make sure you've selected everything you want. We did this and it helped us decide on a few changes. Also, if you visit another community that's not your own, take that time to ask all the questions you may not feel comfortable asking your own sales rep. Chances are, they'll give you the unbiased "this is not really worth it" opinion. 

For the official loan application meeting:

-Definitely make sure all your paperwork is in order BEFORE this meeting
-Be prepared to still have to show proof of some outstanding items. We had some checks that were deposited and one of our homework items is to show a copy of the actual check to make sure everything's on the up and up.
-Be sure to ask what monies you need to bring to this appointment. We had to write a check there for our appraisal and credit report fees but we had called our loan officer upfront to know how much that was going to be.
-Ask lots of questions! If you don't understand something about the process or what you're signing, ASK! It's your loan officer's job to make sure you're understanding the paperwork you're signing.