About Us

Hi there! We're building our dream home with Ryan Homes. We've selected the Avalon Isle because we fell in love with the layout and features. Before going with a Ryan home, we also looked at the Ambrose V from Pulte, but decided that the Avalon had everything we wanted in a dream home.

We moved from Ohio a few months ago and still have a home to sell there. We're building newbies--we've bought a home before but have never built one from scratch. Not only do we have a home to sell and a home to build, we also have a toddler and a new baby on the way! So join us on our chaotic Journey to Avalon Isle. We promise to provide all the highs and lows along the way as we create the home in which we hope to raise our family for years to come.

Cast of Characters:
TJ (Mom)
DJ (Dad)
JJ (2-year-old daughter)
Baby Boy J (ETA August 2013)
Phoebe J (4-year-old White Lab)
Sophie J (3-year-old Golden Retriever)