Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week in review... And what's next

Last week was a slower week, to be expected, but we did make more decisions and additional progress. 

By far the best decision we made was to go look at the local model for the Avalon Isle again. Last Saturday we signed the purchase agreement and having made our decisions it was good to see how our decisions would translate into the model. This helped us know some items we need to change and we felt even more comfortable with the decisions we made. 

Additionally the request for more paperwork has started. Our Loan Officer gave us homework which we plan to finish by Tuesday at the latest. One interesting piece is the Budget Letter. 

This letter is an agreement with NVR on how we will save to account for the  closing cost. Didn't take too much time but it was just one more thing to do. 

My suggestions: Stay calm and flexible throughout the process. Just when you think they can't possible ask for anything else, they can and will. Keep in mind why you're doing this and understand that it will all be worth it in the end :-). 

As for this week. We have our meeting scheduled with Guardian on Thursday. Stay posted on the options available and the decisions we made.